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Cutting-edge technology – the product

Tip-stimulation with tipstim® facilitates long-lasting therapy procedures. By sensory stimulation of the finger tips, tipstim® drives plasticity processes in cerebral areas involved in the activation of the hand and fingers.

Specially designed stimulation patterns – developed in many years of research and studies – are being generated by a pulse generator and are being applied directly to the finger tips via a completely new and highly-sophisticated therapy glove (tipstim® glove). tipstim® glove is the first product of its kind making use of a new conductive and biocompatible textile which has been proven for medical use. By processing modern materials tipstim® glove shows a high wearing comfort and a high accuracy of fit.

The therapy itself is completely painless, without side-effects and very easy to apply. The patient simply pulls over the glove, connects it to the pulse generator and starts the therapy session once a day for 1 hour. The therapy does not demand any special attention from the patient. Due to the small size of the pulse generator, the therapy can easily be integrated into everyday life and home care – even when being limited in mobility. In principle, therapy can be applied everywhere, even during walking, and during other occupations such as reading or watching television.